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Dogecoin is too the moon.....

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Before we get started, I want you to click the Voyager picture, download the app and while its downloading come back to hear about my experience with Dogecoin and how its going to make me a millionaire!
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Now, let me tell you how i first heard about Dogecoin. On my birthday, Jan. 26, 2021 my brother, Mark and my son Jaylon was sitting around talking about how much money they were making in the stock market. Dogecoin, AMC and Gamestop were all hot topics around the world and I still can't tell you why. I know it had something to do with trading "shorts" and people making a shitload of money fighting against the big hedge funds. 
At least that is what I took from it all. So as my son and his uncle was talking I just sat and listened. I dropped $403.06 in Dogecoin and within a day or two, another $44.68 and then another $200. On Jan.28, 2021 I had made my first sell and it was $994.45 for a profit of close to $300. On Jan. 29th 2021 I sold another $723.27 bringing my total gains up $1000 with over $2k in the trading account still. I was lit!!!!! over the next two months I tried investing in regular stocks with no real luck and losing more than i was gaining. I did that all of Feb. and March and some of April and that is when the game change. 
On April something, dogecoin began to rise and I'm talking cents but I was in at $0.007 and it was now at $0.25 and rising. I had seen it reach up to $0.40 and you could not stop me from smiling. Over the weekend it began to drop again but for now its holding at $0.30. Anywho, I am holding this for a year or so! and who cares what happens..... Oh yeah lets not forget to mention that the homie hit for a million! Oh yeahhhhh...... Elon Musk is a dogecoin guy too!


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